This can be the most powerful time of your life

Live your  Purpose

Live your Legacy

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You know there is more for you in this life. It is time to create the life you are here for. 

Get ready to experience stepping into your power. Becoming You After 60™ is a 12 session program for women who want to live a life that brings them joy, purpose and meaning.  Dr. Ardith Bowman will guide you through a process to get in touch with your personal desires, breakdown barriers that hold you back, and begin to move toward creating your dreams every day. You will forever belong to our Becoming You After 60 community to continue your journey, to support each other, and to enjoy the relationships you build.

By the end of the 12 sessions, you will be on your way into a life where you wake up looking forward to each day and what you bring to the world by living fully who you are here to be. You will know a process you can use over and over to continue to create a life you love in the decades ahead. 

If you are ……

✔️ A woman approaching 60 and beyond

✔️ A woman who senses there is something more calling in your life

✔️ Facing a life transition

✔️ Discontent with the quality of life right now

✔️ A woman with the courage to grow

✔️ Optimistic about life possibilities

….and you are feeling stuck because

✔️ You need a  way to get in touch with what YOU desire

✔️ You don’t know how to express the desire you are sensing

✔️ You can’t see through the transition to your next life phase

✔️ Contentment with having enough pulls you back from creating what you desire

✔️ You postpone or avoid seeking a life you love

Then… Becoming You After 60 will ignite your journey into creating a life you love living – and always be a place where you can come for support and ongoing growth.

A workshop that will touch your life . . .

Experience the proven practices to transform your life from someone who has lived them. The Becoming You difference is the combined focus on women of our generation with techniques that draw on our feminine energy and power to create. This is Ardith’s main life mission – to serve you as you become more than you have ever been by being 100% YOU.

Imagine what you will feel like when you . . .

✔️ Wake up each morning with a sense of purpose and energy

✔️ Have the tools you need to create the life you want again and again as you grow

✔️ Move out of old limiting patterns into confidence and commitment to your future

✔️ Know that you are living the legacy you are here for

✔️ Love and respect yourself even more

You will Continue Creating What You Love in the Years Ahead

Meet Your Guide

Ardith Bowman Ph.D., founder of Becoming You After 60™, guides women in their 6th decade and beyond through a transformational journey to create their most authentic life…one that taps into the wisdom, power and courage born of life experience. 

Ardith knows firsthand the power of commitment to personal purpose in this stage of life. She has navigated the transitions through the 7th decade of life, with miscalculated plans, false starts, moments of complacency, much reflection, and finally into living a life more fulfilling than she has ever experienced.

Through her experience, education, and learning from masters in coaching, feminine power, and creating your dreams, she wove together what's now a proven process for women beyond 55 to find their unique path to continued vitality and purpose.  We will journey together as you create a life you love; doing this makes a difference in the world too. 

Becoming You After 60™ Program includes

✔️ Videos and exercises available online

✔️ Twelve live individual or small group coaching sessions - the focus is you!

✔️ A fillable workbook to guide you through the Becoming You process

✔️ Access to our private gathering area to share, connect, and build community

✔️ Lifetime access to Becoming You community and events

✔️ Lifetime discounted personal coaching with Ardith

The Program

Over 12 sessions you will . . .


✔️ identify and activate what you truly want to create next in your life,

✔️ learn how to actually feel yourself living the life you envision,

✔️ recognize and move beyond the limiting beliefs that are especially common for women,

✔️ build the confidence and self-trust to step into the life you desire,

✔️ begin to make your vision into your reality now and going forward,

✔️ learn to access, recognize and accept support as you continue your journey.

The Outcome

 The best thing ever is waking up each morning looking forward to the day ahead!

You will develop a clear sense of direction and learn how to continue your chosen journey forward.  You will create your future and make your life the one you want, all in the company of like-minded women who join you in making the most of life in the years ahead.

What Others Have Experienced

“It is like I have been facing a brick wall, and now there is light coming through."


“Ardith provides a positive path forward, provides a safe place to better understand who you are and want to be, and in a caring and supportive manner.”


Your thoughts are inspiring and for the first time I have ... a “you can “ attitude to big life changes (after 60). 

... as you approach 60 it's time to decide if you want to just let your life keep on unfolding in the way it already has or if you want to design it to be an expression of your deepest desires.

If this sounds like the support you have been seeking in order to create what is next in your life, I am honored for you to join me in beginning your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The mission of Becoming You After 60™ is to provide women with the guidance and processes to create a life with the meaning and purpose they desire to support health, vitality and well-being.  Wake up happy and hopeful, with confidence and a sense of power. Becoming You is facilitated by the founder, Dr. Ardith Bowman. It is time to capture our wisdom, power and courage born of our life experience. It is time to step forward when others may say step back… Together we will continue to make a difference in the world by living our lives to the fullest.