Live Like your Life Matters,- Because it  Does  Revitalize your 60's and Beyond

The very definition of "retirement" years is changing, and we are the ones redefining it.
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This is one of the few times in your life you are blazing a new path.

Yet most women do not make a plan for it.  Why? We have no models for what is possible for us as a generation of women. Now is the time to create what 60 and beyond can be.  Then, pass it on.....


Becoming You After 60™ is where women approaching 60 and up go to capture the wisdom, power and courage born of their life experience. You have navigated the life roles of being a partner, perhaps a mother, a worker, a friend, a neighbor... Now is the time to connect with yourself and claim your true essence and deep desires to create a life you love.  Employing your experience and gifts, you will be more authentic and on purpose than ever before.

Ardith Bowman has studied development and transformation in mature women while exploring her own life. During that time, she discovered key pieces of herself waiting to be expressed. The result of claiming them? Independence and self-actualizing at the age of 72. A successful business owner prior, Ardith has now poured her life into a signature coaching and workshop process that brings women back to their true essence and desires by first identifying them, then unblocking them, and finally turning them into reality. No matter where you are starting, Ardith meets you there and works diligently by your side to transform your life, just like she did her own. It is time to step forward when others may say step back… Together we will continue to make a difference in the world by fostering our wisdom and power.

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Welcome from Ardith

I am delighted you are exploring what you might create in your future. About three years ago I found myself entering the “retirement” transition and thought I had a plan. It really was an extension of doing less of what I had already been doing professionally plus just doing what I felt like. 

Well, the outcome of my  well-reasoned plan was a learning that changed my life. I am sharing this proven process with you.   Doing something (or nothing) with no heart and soul wasn’t enough for me to even want to get up and do it. I invite you to fall in love with your life. We have decades ahead to live an energizing happy life, so let's begin now.

I learned how to get in touch with my desires and discontent. Well, I had a lot of the discontent……and I had desires! I woke up. Out of following that journey of discovery I have created a life I truly love and am thankful for each day. I can hardly believe I found a contribution that I feel so strongly about bringing to life.  My gratitude is at the deepest level I have ever felt.

Now, I want this for all of us; I know I am here to create a space for and  provide the guidance through this life transition for other women. So, I founded Becoming You After 60. 

My mission is to support other women of our generation in following their desires and bring into this world what they are here to do – no matter what that may be. This is for you! My dream is to create a community of women supporting each other as we all grow together…and  bring our power into the world.  Just like we have always done, we are transforming the power of women in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond for our  world, societies, families, and generations of women that follow us.


The Foundations of Our Journey

Dr. Bowman has studied Adult  Development for over two decades.  The practices and mentors that helped shape our Becoming You process include:

Narrative Coach Enhanced Practitioner


Claire Zammit's Feminine Power


Mary Morrissey's Brave Thinking Dream Builder Coach


My friends who continue to support me on my journey

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What Ardith's Clients Say....

"It is like I have been facing a brick wall, and now there is light coming through." – Jody

“Ardith provides a positive path forward, provides a safe place to better understand who you are and want to be, and in a caring and supportive manner.” 

“In just a few sessions, she was able to help me identify my strengths and the roadblocks that kept me from realizing my potential.  With her help, I was able to see how I sabotaged myself and developed techniques to stop this damaging pattern."  

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