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Time to Prioritize You

You Deserve to live with vitality and fulfillment.


If I asked you what would bring more satisfaction and fulfillment into your life right now, what would you say? Is it about more intimacy? Sense of community? Creativity? Fun? Fitness? Contribution? If it is about money, then ask yourself  what it is the money would do for you. That is the real desire. 

Now is the time for you to  flourish on your own terms.

What does that look like for you? There are no "right answers," only answers that are right for you.

Are you one of us who view our phase of life as a time of the most freedom to live the life you want? What a joy! It can also be a bit disconcerting because we don’t really have many affirmative examples and it is different for each of us anyway.  The way ahead is to take the time to prioritize you, make the most of this freedom, and create a life that fulfills you.



Explore, find your clarity, and begin to live what is next


I will support and guide you as you begin the adventure into a more satisfying life. It is a personalized program, adapted to what you need.

I have the map and experience to support you. I’ve made the journey myself and have guided others.

"You’ve helped me believe in me again and to know I deserve only the best in life thanks to your coaching. At 66 years young you have given me the confidence and tools that are priceless in helping me create what I desire and bringing me to this now exciting new stage in my life. 

 Your insights and guidance you provided are amazing. Thank you does not cover how grateful I am! "



 I was in the midst of a very painful, uncertain, and low self-esteem mindset when I started Ardith’s program.  Somehow and sometimes in life we are blessed with the right people coming into our lives at exactly the right time, and that’s who Ardith has been for me.  She brought the best measure of compassion, space, care, and guidance in re-focusing my thoughts and next steps regarding my own well-being, community, purpose and mindset. There are many pieces to the puzzle of healing, and also of aging.  Ardith has been one of the bigger pieces in helping me to see that regardless of outward circumstances, unexpected changes, and what others are going through, I am still worthy and capable of peace, love and happiness in the months and years ahead. 

- Cate


Highlights of the Journey

Over eight sessions, you will:

  • Honor the woman you have become
  • Identify what will enrich your life
  • Deepen¬† your¬†connection with your future ‚Äď From your heart
  • Notice your thoughts so they support you rather than limit you
  • Use¬†your intuition and trust your decisions to find your way
  • Explore skills to hone and common reasons we delay
  • Recognize and invite support
  • Throughout it all, find your momentum to flourish in the way you desire
  • Bonus session ‚Äď Share and celebrate

You will come out the other side energized and confident that you know how to live a fulfilled life. 

What clients say: 

Our process helped me begin to create what I desire through 

  • being fully seen and heard allowed me to more fully see and recognise my wounding and my gifts from the inside out
  • authentic connection in all domains has helped me to invite much greater discernment about what I truly need and want¬†
  • invited me to connect much more deeply and broadly both personally and professionally
  • provided a tender and safe container to sense and enact more freedom and choice in all parts of my life

- J.H.


If you know it is time for you to flourish, let's get together to discuss what you want.  Be the creator of the rest of life; live who you are here to be. 
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From Ardith:
I wish for you to create in your life today what will help make this moment and the years ahead fulfilling and happy.  It is good for you and the world.
I will walk with you as your guide; you will focus on supporting and allowing what you desire to unfold.
For example, I have journeyed into a life with community, intimacy, and love. Now, I am creating a deep purpose to my life at 75 and it feels fabulous.
 If you would like to chat to see if Focus on Your Fulfillment would benefit you, connect with me


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the sign up options for Focus on Your Fulfillment

If this feels right for you at this time in your life, then it is. Take some time for you.  We can chat about it!

There are two options:

  • 8 session¬†Fulfillment Personalized Coaching package at¬†two payments of $397
  • If you are signing up for Fulfillment After Full-time as part of a group within an organization or association, you will be sent a link to sign up at the group rate.
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