Ardith Bowman Ph.D., founder of Becoming You After 60, guides women nearing 60 and beyond through a transformational journey to create their most authentic life…one that taps into the wisdom, power and courage born of life experience.  Through coaching, workshops and community, she shifts limiting beliefs about what is possible for our generation of women to ones of meaning, purpose and relevance. Ardith knows firsthand the power of commitment to personal purpose in this stage of life, being a “boomer woman” herself. So she took action and received certification from several top coaching programs. Then she wove together what's now a proven process for women approaching 60 to find their unique path to continued vitality and purpose to create a life they love and make a difference in the world around them.  No matter where you’re starting, Ardith meets you there and works diligently by your side to transform your life, just like she did her own.

Life is an Adventure

I love to spend time outdoors hiking, kayaking and with my Dragon Boat sisters.  

Some Hiking Photos

Balsam Root spring in the Columbia River Gorge

 Mt. Hood

Paradise Park

Best flowers ever on Mt. Hood

Gnarl  Ridge

I love Mt. Hood