Is there something more to be expressed in your life? 

It is time to create it....

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If not now, when?  Your life has primed you for this moment.  If you are a woman with at least six decades of life experience and sense you have something more to create, express and contribute… Becoming You is just for you.

The Becoming You coaching options offer a safe and welcoming context in which to explore,  focus on creating a clear dream for your future, address limiting beliefs and patterns common to women, and begin to develop the confidence, self-trust and tools to continue your journey. 

You will develop a clear sense of direction and learn how to continue your chosen journey forward.  You will create your future by design; it is your unique journey.  

Select the Becoming You 6 or 12 session option that will best serve you as you create your future.  

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Becoming You Coaching

Challenge the images of what it means to be   a woman at 60, 70, and 80.

A highly personal and powerful jumpstart to your future! We work closely together in a private customized process as you realize what will inspire your sense of purpose, break through limits and barriers, and start taking action to create a life you love. 

Travel at your pace through the Becoming You process during  either six or twelve 50-minute weekly personal coaching sessions held on Zoom. 

Begin as soon as Ardith has an opening!

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Flourish - Grow More Love in Your Life

Are you ready to fall in love with your life?  If not now, when?

Authentic connections are essential for your happiness, vitality, and longevity.  From the heart relationships give you a feeling of fulfillment, they may help you maintain independence… and then the list of benefits is long for romantic love.  Feeling lonely is not good for you in any way.  Connecting, loving, giving, receiving makes for a full and healthy life. 

It is a decision; it is action. It is very possible.

So let’s not just talk about it.  Let’s create your life of true, healthy relationships.  There is a proven path.

Take a 6 session journey into deeper and broader fulfilling relationships in your life.

  • Love yourself so you can give and receive love from your heart
  • Be a friend to create heart-based connections with others
  • Open to intimacy – open yourself to the trust, respect and authenticity of a deep loving relationship


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"It is like I have been facing a brick wall, and now there is light coming through." – Jody

You’ve helped me believe in me again and to know I deserve only the best in life thanks to your coaching. 

At 66 years young you have given me the confidence and tools that are priceless in helping me create what I desire and bringing me to this now exciting new stage in my life. 

Your insights and guidance you provided are amazing. 

Thank you does not cover how grateful I am! 


(Ardith has) “the knowledge to be flexible and sense what people need in the moment.”

“Ardith provides a positive path forward, provides a safe place to better understand who you are and want to be, and in a caring and supportive manner.” – Jody

“In just a few sessions, she was able to help me identify my strengths and the roadblocks that kept me from realizing my potential.  With her help, I was able to see how I sabotaged myself and developed techniques to stop this damaging pattern."  

Products & Programs

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Becoming You Coaching

Are you a woman who desires to say "Yes" to a richer and more satisfying life? One where you feel joy and on purpose?

Join me in a personal and powerful six or twelve week intensive focused on you creating the life you are here to live now. 

The Becoming You coaching process supports you as you identify and activate what you truly want to create in your life, recognize and move beyond the limiting beliefs that are especially common for women, and learn practices that will help you continue to make your desires reality going forward. You will be creating the life you want during the program!

 You will break through to clarity and commitment to your new journey in our time together.  You will develop a clear sense of your chosen direction and how to continue your journey. You will take your first steps to gain momentum. You will learn to seek, recognize and accept the support you need to keep going.

Your future will be created even if you do nothing to shape it; you might as well make your life the one you want by being intentional. 

As one client said in session 5, “The wall just came down.” 

The process is well-researched and has been proven to support other women as they flourish.

  • Explore your current life situation and move into what you desire to create in your life going forward
  • Establish a strong connection with your most powerful self, using that part of you to identify and move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns. Trusting yourself. Creating from your own desires.
  • Establish a  process of taking daily action toward what you are creating, including navigating fears and setbacks. 
  • Experiment with moving through life using your intuition and deeper knowing to stay on track with your dreams. Having courage.
  • Staying on track and continuing to evolve through collaboration, relationships and support systems.

Investment:  Twelve 50- minute personal  coaching sessions including a comprehensive workbook and a bonus one month follow up session. A six session quick start program is available.

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Flourish - Grow More Love in Your Life


Together in 6 sessions you will map and begin creating the relationships that will enrich and bring joy into your life.

You will learn techniques you can use again and again to live a life where you heart is full.

What we will do……………….

  • You will envision and feel what it is like to enjoy the love in your life that you desire
  • You will explore and take action in each of the three areas, in sequence
  • You will receive personal coaching to talk through barriers and mindset habits that may be limits to the love in your life
  • When possible, you will find support in a small group of women who are also growing love in their lives
  • You will have a personal map that you can return to in order to continue your journey going forward.
  • The only way to create more love in your life is to begin now. 
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