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Italians use the term speranza-certezza, offering an expansion to how we might use only the word hope, or perhaps intention or faith. It means to hold hope and certainty at the same time. Think about it… this is a powerful pairing of ideas that transforms a wish into creation.

I learned about this term from a wonderful Italian artist, Barbara Sbrocca, who interviewed me for her love and separations project, Baci Sospesi. She said that I had speranza-certezza when I decided for love in my life. 


Barbara uses the interviews to inform her art and to provide input for anyone researching or exploring love in their life, work or creativity. Have fun exploring!

Have you ever hoped to become more fit or to learn a new skill? Maybe you hope to fall in love, as I did for so many years. The difference in speranza-certezza is that the wish moves more and more into possibility and toward reality as you become certain that what you want to create is meant to be a part of your life, and it will be so.

So, what might be the gifts of bringing speranza-certezza into your life?


With the speranza-certezza mindset, it is natural to notice signs that what you desire is unfolding. With optimism, it is easy to see opportunity to move toward what you desire. With only wishes and hope, fear and doubt lurk nearby, perhaps highlighting evidence that what you desire may not be possible. Without optimism, we lose the spark of energy to explore possibilities.

When I was creating love in my life, it was my role to challenge those who said that I wouldn’t find the right partner at “my age,” or that the dating process is just too draining. My mindset helped me stay strong and attract others who supported me.

I noticed and focused on situations aligned with my speranza-certezza. I felt curious about my journey ahead and looked for opportunities to progress.


There is power when you embrace the woman you are here to be and live the life you are here to live. If you hope for something, that is a clue about what you are being called to be and do. The speranza-certezza mindset helps you develop and sustain the confidence to keep moving toward what you desire.


One woman used speranza-certezza to take the risk of letting go of a relationship that was not the right one for her. Within weeks she found a man who is a great fit and lights her up! She would not have done that without confidence in herself. Also, she was courageous.


Courage helps us sustain focus on creating what we desire by taking action every day, no matter what our daily ‘reality’ may be. This tenacity and focus are key to creating the life you want to live and to be the woman you are here to be. The source of this courage is speranza-certezza.

Listening to your inner wisdom and following your desires takes courage.

What Is the Focus of Your Speranza-Certezza?

Have you ever felt fully deserving of and prepared to welcome something you desire? Did you ever find yourself preparing for something that has not yet happened, and you know it will? That is speranza-certezza!

When I spent the two years creating love in my life, I had sperarnza-certezza, but did not understand that at the time.

Do you desire to create more or richer love? Physical well-being/health? Perhaps you have an area of creativity that is calling to you; or adding some adventures to your life.

If you are certain you are creating what it is you desire, what would you do today to make it so? Tomorrow?


I’d love to learn what you will create in your life. Now is the time. Speranza-certezza!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Have you ever felt fully deserving of and prepared to welcome something you desire? Do you desire to create more or richer love? Physical well-being/health? Are you looking to add some adventures to your life?


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