The Galapagos - Still a Love Story!

engagement love travel Apr 11, 2022


BY ARDITH BOWMAN MARCH 27, 2022 First published in SixtyandMe.

The Galapagos trip turned out to be the consummation of the Love Story article series I wrote for Sixty and Me, which covered self-love, love for friends, and mature love.

This article will describe a little about the adventure as well as the Valentine’s marriage proposal.

Spoiler alert: I said “Yes.”

Getting There

It was a long day! I flew from the west coast in the US. Most flights connect through Panama, a delightful airport. Then it is on to Guayaquil, Ecuador. If you make the same trip, I recommend spending a day there if you can. It is the largest city in Ecuador. Enjoy walking the Malecon along the Guayas River and find a good place to eat. You will enjoy the street performers and Ecuadorian people.

Then on to the Galapagos, usually using LATAM airlines. It is a two-hour flight.


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Your Love Story - Mature Love

intimacy love romance Feb 28, 2022


BY ARDITH BOWMAN FEBRUARY 13, 2022 First published at 

Finally, we arrive at truly intimate committed love as the third area of bringing love into your life. Our journey to expand and deepen love in life has taken us from self-love to heart-based friendships. Now we will consider committed, intimate relationships.

Notice that in the below exploration of committed intimacy, does not need to include romance. These healthy, deep relationships can exist without a romantic aspect. Still, if you are looking for romance, certainly committed intimacy should be expressed in the love you are seeking.

If you are in an established relationship, consider what it might mean to deepen it and fall in love all over again.

What Is an Intimate Committed Relationship?

Intimacy implies that you, as a mate/lover/companion, are truly authentic and vulnerable with your partner; your...

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Be a Friend

friendship love Feb 20, 2022


Originally published at

This is the second of three articles to help us create more love in life. A life filled with love vibes will help keep you healthy and happy. Spread the love.

We are all familiar with the adage, “If you want a friend, be a friend.” I am living proof that it is true! The second step I took on my journey into love was to mindfully nurture and expand my circle of woman-friends. Remember, this is after spending time learning to love me… the real me.

Since the last article about the value of self-love, you have tuned into loving yourself. Hopefully, you have found some ways for your self-love to flourish. Know that others recognize the energy of self-love and that it is attractive. Others are drawn to it. With it you are more available for friendship.

What Is the State of Your Friend Love?

If you are anything like me when...

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