Is the Lure of Busyness Keeping You From Loving Life?


Published in SixtyandMe on April 14, 2024

Have you ever ended the day having not done something you had told yourself you wanted to because you were “too busy?” This is part 2 of a three-article series about common ways we hold ourselves back from living the life we truly desire. The first article discussed how easy it is to find ways to talk ourselves out of making life changes that will move us toward fulfillment. Now, we will explore the role of “busyness” in keeping us stuck when we truly desire something different.

Why We Think “Busy” Is Important

If there is any fear of change associated with the adjustments you want to make in your life, being busy is a natural response that alleviates the fear. Often, this busyness response can distract you from moving toward what you want. It is our version of the often-repeated tale of...

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Don't Talk Yourself out of Embracing Life


BY ARDITH BOWMAN First published in SixtyandMe MARCH 19, 2024 MINDSET

Have you ever wanted to try something new or make some kind of change in your life and then not follow through? We all do it! Yet, not following through can detract from us living the full and happy life we imagine, deserve and that can support healthy aging.

Maybe there is an activity you want to learn, such as pickleball or painting, and you never get beyond considering it… then feel yearning when you see someone else doing it. Or perhaps you want to write or get involved with a community group – then take no action.

Comfort Is Easier

Most of us are attached to the status quo, where life is safe, known, and easier. That is a holdover from our ancestors, where change could be life threatening. So, it is natural. Here is an article from several years ago that discusses the draw of comfort.

We humans tend to use three ways to...

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Live Your Own Adventure


Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” ® books by Chooseco? What if we looked at our post-fulltime life like that? After all, there are phases to retirement – from honeymoon to disenchantment to reorientation. Sometimes, there is no honeymoon, and we experience concern and confusion about what to do. It seems like “choose your own” is a mindset that could help us navigate the retirement journey with all its twists and turns.

Freedom to Choose

Do you ever find yourself looking around to see how others are handling life after fulltime work? Using our book analogy, that is like finding out what others are reading. It doesn’t mean that you will like the book! Of course, exploring to get ideas is a good thing. The trick is to not assume others have the key that will work for you. You could use the “choose your own adventure” chapter approach to...

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We are continuing our exploration of the four vitality domains that influence your health span. Who doesn’t love Love – in all its forms!? Reflect on your own network of loved ones and sense of connection or isolation as you read.

Here is the introductory article for a quick review of health span.


The Value of Relationships

Loneliness is associated with early mortality. Loneliness is not about feeling isolated socially; it is a deep feeling of being alone in the world. Some have described our modern-day situation as an “epidemic of loneliness.”

A Canadian study found that 30% of women over 75 feel lonely. The same study found that social connections increase the likelihood of survival in any year by more than 50%. You can easily see the significance of nurturing social connection. We all need community. How do you cultivate your social connections?


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The Galapagos - Still a Love Story!

engagement love travel Apr 11, 2022


BY ARDITH BOWMAN MARCH 27, 2022 First published in SixtyandMe.

The Galapagos trip turned out to be the consummation of the Love Story article series I wrote for Sixty and Me, which covered self-love, love for friends, and mature love.

This article will describe a little about the adventure as well as the Valentine’s marriage proposal.

Spoiler alert: I said “Yes.”

Getting There

It was a long day! I flew from the west coast in the US. Most flights connect through Panama, a delightful airport. Then it is on to Guayaquil, Ecuador. If you make the same trip, I recommend spending a day there if you can. It is the largest city in Ecuador. Enjoy walking the Malecon along the Guayas River and find a good place to eat. You will enjoy the street performers and Ecuadorian people.

Then on to the Galapagos, usually using LATAM airlines. It is a two-hour flight.


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