Life Transitions


BY ARDITH BOWMAN First published in Sixtyanme SEPTEMBER 06, 2023 

This article focuses on the transition out of full time work. The ideas also are relevant to anyone seeing 65 as a transition into a new phase of life. Let’s begin by framing the end of a full-time career as simply a transition in a continual sequence of life transitions. We have been through many and know how to do it. Step away from phrases like “final phase, third act, and golden age.” Such language builds an expectation of decline that may not be true for you, and certainly not for many of us.

A recent study by Age Wave (June 2023) found that on average, the concept of “old” for our grandparents was at 60 years and now is 80 years for our generation. I think that calls for a new language and understanding of what our post full-time years are about! Don’t you?

As we navigate the end of full-time work, we often ask...

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Work Hard - Retire Hard

meaning purpose retirment Dec 20, 2022

This was first published in Sixty and Me at  DECEMBER 06, 2022 LIFESTYLE 

Remember, this is about embracing YOUR purpose and sense of satisfaction with life. 

Many of us grew up in an era where the accepted approach to life was to work really hard to be successful at our chosen role and take care of responsibilities. Then, like magic, at 65 we get to stop and make up for all the “fun” we put off and take the relaxation we deserve. My parents did that, but it really didn’t turn out as they imagined. I thought that is what I was going to do. Not anymore.

Let’s unpack this.


The World Has Changed

In western cultures we are living longer and retiring earlier than in the past. If we stop working at 65, we are likely to have a reasonably healthy 20-30 years to go! That is why we call this the third phase of life… it literally can be 1/3 of your life.

Is kicking back with the...

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True Comfort


First published in SixtyandMe on OCTOBER 31, 2022 MINDSET

One of the blessings for many of us in our 60s and beyond is living a comfortable life. This does not imply riches. It means we have found a way to have ‘enough’. We have given our time to our work/profession and family. Now is our time to relax and enjoy life. We want to enjoy our comfort. We deserve to enjoy comfort.

Still, for many women there can be a yearning or dissatisfaction lurking just under the surface.

In my experience, these women are drawn to the idea of enriching and creating more in their lives. They sense possibility and are curious. Yet, the belief that change in their lives will be work and disrupt the comfort they have crafted stops them from taking action. Up until now, this has puzzled me.


The Lure of Comfort

Now that I have married my love, I feel full. Recently, I have faced my own complacency...

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