Hug any Fear and Embrace Life


BY ARDITH BOWMAN  First published in on MAY 20, 2024 

Have you ever considered doing something that sounded fun or interesting, but it just made you feel too anxious and full of fear?

This is part 3 of a three-article series about common ways we hold ourselves back from living the life we truly desire. The first article discussed how easy it is to find ways to talk ourselves out of making life changes that will move us toward fulfillment.

The second article explored the role of “busyness” in keeping us stuck when we truly desire something different.

Finally, we will normalize the fears that may arise when we decide to make a change in the comfortable status quo of our daily lives.

What Are You Anxious About?

When we want to try something new or make a change in our life, it is perfectly normal to feel apprehension, fear, or nervousness. These are...

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Don't Talk Yourself out of Embracing Life


BY ARDITH BOWMAN First published in SixtyandMe MARCH 19, 2024 MINDSET

Have you ever wanted to try something new or make some kind of change in your life and then not follow through? We all do it! Yet, not following through can detract from us living the full and happy life we imagine, deserve and that can support healthy aging.

Maybe there is an activity you want to learn, such as pickleball or painting, and you never get beyond considering it… then feel yearning when you see someone else doing it. Or perhaps you want to write or get involved with a community group – then take no action.

Comfort Is Easier

Most of us are attached to the status quo, where life is safe, known, and easier. That is a holdover from our ancestors, where change could be life threatening. So, it is natural. Here is an article from several years ago that discusses the draw of comfort.

We humans tend to use three ways to...

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Do You Have a Possibility Mindset?

First published in SixtyandMe October 18, 2023.

We know that attention to fitness, stress reduction, having a sense of purpose, and connection with others adds healthy years to our lives. We also know that the years wear on our bodies and endurance. In this article, let’s address the realities of being an older adult. Spoiler alert! Our focus is to notice what is possible, in contrast with what may no longer be within easy reach for us.

My Body Isn’t What It Used to Be

According to the National council on Aging, 95% of us over 60 have at least one chronic condition. High blood pressure and high cholesterol lead the pack. Arthritis comes in third. I’m in the arthritis group; you may have one or two issues on your list. If not, time to celebrate!

The happy news is that maintaining an exercise routine, getting adequate sleep, managing stress, and enjoying a healthy diet/healthy weight tend to mitigate the impact of...

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Vitality Doman #2 - Mindset



We are continuing our exploration of the Vitality Domains that support our healthy aging. The second of four life areas that influence our health span is mindset. This encompasses our beliefs about aging, optimism, and mindfulness or presence.

As you read the articles, remember to notice your reaction to the different life areas. Allow yourself to hear your inner voice; you may recognize an area or two where nurturing it may well make a difference in your health span! It is time to take the actions that will support healthy aging so we can relish every minute of life.

 Read the introductory article for a quick review: CULTIVATING YOUR HEALTH SPAN IS EASIER THAN EVER.

Read the first article in the Vitality mini-series: LOVING LIFE WITH WELL-BEING AND ENERGY.

Mindset is significant because your assumptions about life and how you...

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