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In an earlier article, we discussed the value of having a sense of purpose in life and some easy steps to help you discover yours. Recall that purpose is related to vitality, mental acuity, and longevity.

Now, we will explore the three key pillars to keep leveling up your life of purpose… where you are most vibrant and powerful. A life you know matters because you feel ‘on purpose’, whatever that is for you.

The three pillars to create your life that matters include:

  • Your relationship with your own wisdom and guidance
  • Your relationship with life
  • Your relationship with others

We can thank Claire Zammit Ph.D., Evolving Wisdom LLC, for her extensive research regarding these three centers of our power as women.

This series...

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6 Easy Steps into a Life with Purpose

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In recent years, there have been a number of studies about the relationship between purpose and aging. A Sense of Purpose Promotes Healthy Aging is one example. Research suggests that living with a sense of purpose not only adds quality of life but years as well. It also is associated with less risk of Alzheimer’s.

But what is ‘purpose’? What is it like to not have a sense of purpose in your life? How do you find purpose? There are many ways to describe the impact of living life without purpose – languid, meaningless, without soul, etc. No wonder it is so important!

When you look at various definitions, purpose is really about having a driving force in life or sense of meaning. So, you could say that purpose is what gets you out of bed in the morning. Or, from a quote in Jennifer Louden’s book Why Bother, “Meaning arises from loving life…” What can you...

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Making Use of the 6 Retirement Types

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Are you in the “one plan and done” retirement trap? Living into your 60s and beyond is a phase of life with many transitions. Sadly, one aspect of ageism is that retirement is seen as a static life phase with decline over time. It is time to disrupt this view, and we are the ones to do it!

When we plan for retirement, we often create just one vision for what we believe will bring contentment and satisfaction. Many of us have already learned that this phase of life is much richer and varied than that.

Think about it: If you retire at 65-ish and are blessed to be healthy and active, your retirement years may last as long as your professional ones! What provides satisfaction today may not in another 10 years.

It might be satisfying for you to decide on one path and then follow it over the retirement decades. Or you can...

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Is 'Because Thinking' Stopping you?

mindset Mar 23, 2021

At 72, and committed to living a life I love, I've been reflecting on how easy it is to let outside conditions influence the decisions we make about what we do in our lives. 

 How many times have you decided to not do something because of conditions around you?  For example, what you think someone your age can’t or shouldn’t do, or not investing in yourself because money should be saved, or waiting for success to be guaranteed before venturing ahead.

 Seeing Because Thinking for the Limit it is

We all do this. For many of us it is habit we developed to help us make decisions. More than ever in your life, it is important to pause and decide if the decision to not do something is based what is really true.

 When we were younger we may have postponed things we wanted to do because …

  • I need to wait until the kids are older,
  • I need to get my promotion first,
  • I’ll do it after I pay down the mortgage,
  • I’ll just wait until I retire...
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